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Voice alarm system


The HYS voice alarm system is designed to meet customer and regulatory requirements in global markets. The system includes voice alarm control and indicating equipment, loudspeakers, and fire telephones. It provides both mass notification and emergency voice communication functions, providing flexibility for system designers. Fire emergency telephones provides a communication option for first responders and on-site emergency management personnel.


Separate VACIE cabinets are interconnected using a fault-tolerant ring network topology. High networking speeds with excellent noise immunity are achieved using a fibre-optic transmission path to connect up to 255 VACIE cabinets. The high-speed network allows for real-time information to be available to users, both throughout the site and in offsite locations.


The VACIE, with its network function, provides a scalable solution that is ideal for both single buildings and campus sites (such as universities, industrial sites and shopping malls).


The VACIE is designed for both EN and UL influenced markets, and meets the requirements of EN 54-16, UL 864 and UL 2572.



1)16 separate alarm zones per VACIE cabinet

2)DSP audio and power amplifiers, supporting both Class A and Class B output modes

3)8 separate pre-recorded messages

4)8 fire emergency telephone circuits per VACIE cabinet

5)Networking, using fibre-optic cable

6)Maximum 255 VACIE cabinets connected using ring network topology, providing up to 4080 separate alarm zones and 2040 fire emergency telephones

7)High-speed RS-485 / RS232 / CAN bus protocol port for connection to fire detection CIE

8)96 input/output points

9)VACIE colour LCD user interface

10)Intuitive operation

11)Easy to install

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